DataOps - An new approach to Data Management

Data is the key to all the applications we build. Yet very few organizations have unlocked the true value of their data.

To get there, Data Quality and Data Governance are big-ticket items for any organization. They impact all the KPIs and confidence, necessary to make good decisions. It takes too long to get value out of data because of the current approach to data management. By applying Lean and DevOps principles to Data Management process & architecture, DataOps promises to expedite time to value and improve Data Quality & Data Governance.

In this talk, I'll introduce the concept of DataOps, show how DataOps can be applied in any organization and discuss the required technology.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Introduction (5 Mins)

- Current challenges in Data Management. (5 Mins)

- How DataOps solve these challenges (10 Mins)

- Examples on how to apply DataOps ( 10 Mins)

- Technology (10 Mins)

- Q & A (5 Mins)

Learning Outcome

- Understanding of DataOps as a concept.

- Benefits of DataOps.

- How to approach DataOps in your organization.

Target Audience

Technology leaders, Any engineer who want manage data better, Data Architect

Prerequisites for Attendees

No pre-requisites. Just an open mind.



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