Coaching Paradox - Do we need to apply Command & Control techniques to bring about real transformation?

One of the dilemmas faced by Agile coaches is how to transform Agile teams and business leaders, who traditionally have been following a “Command & Control” style, to a “Servant Leadership” style. This is an onerous task and there is a lot of excess baggage which has been accumulated over the years, which needs to be shed with the help of a coach.

Many times coaches are frustrated by unsuccessful attempts to bring about this change and they tend to apply authoritarian coaching practices. This might bring in quick results however it defeats the very practices we as coaches preach.

Shouldn’t a coach practice what is being preached or is it that radical changes come always with a command and force?


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Session Format
• Presentation by the speaker (30 minutes)
• Showcase 2 videos (approx 3-4 minutes each)
• Q & A (5 Minutes)

This is a “Coaching the Coach” session where the presenter will highlight the classic dilemmas faced during coaching.
The session will pick up real life examples from the sports industry to address the various coaching styles which can be replicated and adapted in Agile teams.

It will explore some best practices followed by renowned sports coaches to bring their teams to a High Performance State along with their success and failure stories.

This session will try to address some Coaches dilemma and seek answers to
- Should the coach follow a Command & Control style to ensure team drives towards Agility or should he/she “Practice what is Being Preached?” and only follow Servant Leadership style
- Should the Coach be Soft or Soft Spoken?
- How to imbibe a culture of Learning from Mistakes and Celebrating Success

Presentation will be interfaced with lot of probing questions to the participants, anecdotes, real life challenges and challenges faced by the presenter during his coaching engagements with various organizations.

The concept of Coaching clinic will also be dealt in the session highlighting the purpose of such a clinic, its benefits & advantages

Key Concepts to Be Covered
• Command & Control vs. Servant Leadership
• Successful Coaching Practices
• What should a coach know before applying coaching practices
• Analogy with Sports Coaching Styles
• Coaches Clinic – Benefits & Advantages

Learning Outcome

Key Takeaways

  • How to avoid the trap of falling into Command & Control coaching
  • Role of coach in bringing in Agile culture
  • How to bring in a culture of self led and self organizing teams
  • Coaching Styles to be followed based on situations
  • Anti coaching Patterns

Target Audience

Open to All..

Prerequisites for Attendees



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