How one Huge and a Very Traditional Company Learned How to Make True Startups and Why They Still Needed an Agile Coach

Honestly? I don't care what your company uses: either Scrum or Kanban or some crazy self-made mutant called SAFeLeSSfy. In most cases, if it's a huge traditional company, you get gorgeous, breathtaking slides that c-level people show, ScrumBut on a team level, Spotify tribes which no-one knows why we have and... still the same turtle's speed from the business agility perspective. It's sad, you know. And I don't want to share yet another such a story.

What I want is to tell you something mindblowing but real. A story of a one really huge and traditional company that learned how to make true startups. Like in a real startup world, you know. And I was lucky to help them.
I want to believe that such stories will change the world and maybe one more company will awake and start to think that perhaps they should stop fake Agile and start profound system changes while understanding where they want to be as a company.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • company description
  • transformation
  • rules, culture, approaches, mindset
  • office space
  • how an Agile Coach could still help
  • true product story

Learning Outcome

  • it's still possible to do startups if you're a huge and traditional company
  • approaches that help
  • Agile practices that support

Target Audience

C-level, top- and middle management, change agents

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