When there is lack of autonomy within Teams, meagre support toward achieving a shared goal, inadequate decentralization of decision making to speed up the delivery and so on. All that leads to unhappy Business Stakeholders. And, the Organization starts to sense that they are lagging behind the market speed.

Though the Team Members and the Managers seem to be happy and the Organization is strong with the necessary capabilities along with sufficient investments to come out with competitive Products at the end of their Value Chain, it leaves the Organization with a threat that soon they might not be able to cope up with the competition.

That is when, a state with a need for Transformation is triggered. And we feel, basically it’s the state when every individual contributor in the Organization is within their personal CAGE.

When the Organization decides to undergo the Transformation, ‘Change Management’ comes to save the day. Thanks to all the Change Management models and experiences shared out there, helping our Organizations to understand, develop and embrace the change.

Ours is one such experience, that is being shared to a wider community today. We studied the anatomy of individual contributor’s CAGEs. We leveraged Ford’s Truths and Cultural Values in its context to get them out of their CAGEs and shown them the open skies of possibilities to achieve Ford’s Key Results.

Also, Agile being a mindset and focused on incremental delivery enabling faster reach to market, it is vital for the Teams to break the silos and start operating as High-Performing Teams. “Getting them out of the CAGEs” and Forming Teams marked the first milestone in our Transformation journey.

This case study could enrich the Coaches or Change Agents out there supporting your Organizations with the Transformation, predominantly on Individual Change Management level out of the 3 levels of Change Management (i.e. Individual, Team and Organization)


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Outline/Structure of the Presentation Time slice
Setting up the stage
(Speaker's Introductions and setting up expectations)
2 Mins
State which triggers the need for Transformation 5 Mins
Change Management @ Ford 5 Mins
Anatomy of a Team Member's CAGE and how to get rid of each bar of the CAGE 7 Mins
Anatomy of a Manager's CAGE and how to get rid of each bar of the CAGE 7 Mins
Anatomy of a Business Stakeholder's CAGE and how to get rid of each bar of the CAGE 7 Mins
Take Aways 2 Mins
Q&A 10 Mins

Learning Outcome

  • Perspectives on understanding individual barriers, with the influence of Roles within Teams
  • Perspectives on the options helped us to overcome those barriers, that are tried and worked

Target Audience

Coaches, Change Agents

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Exposure to Individual and Team Coaching
  • Basic understanding on Change Management


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