Business Agility Journeys - Enabling Through Simpler Alternative

In these times of rapid change, Business agility has become a buzzword for organizations to not only survive but also grow and thrive. Though often used, Business Agility has varied shades, and means different things for organizations. The approach for transformation towards business agility can also be unique to organizations and the context in which they operate. In this talk we present our experiences coaching and consulting organizations in their transformation journey. We share a model for percolating change towards business agility, progressively from individual teams to the organization as a whole. Techniques (including Agile and Lean) used in our approach will be highlighted as we go through our story.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Defining Business Agility
  2. The 3 P's of Business Agility
  3. Organizational Context
  4. Transforming While In Orbit Is Complex
  5. The 3 S Framework as a Simpler Alternative
  6. Deep Dive Into An Example Applying The 3 S Framework
  7. Some Results We Have Seen - Proof Of The Pudding
  8. Q & A

Learning Outcome

  • Identify key elements contributing to business agility in large organizations
  • Apply lean principles while moving towards business agility
  • Take a closer look into approaches used for a couple of elements enabling business agility
  • Learn about experiences from the travel and hospitality technology industry.

Target Audience

Managers/ Leaders, Change Agents

Prerequisites for Attendees




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Public Feedback

    • Mahadevan Periaswamy

      Mahadevan Periaswamy / Ashwin Aswatharam / Rajsekhar Janaswamy - Persona Poker Workshop

      90 Mins

      In any Change Initiative, Change is difficult because people resist it. Change leaders/ agents have to work with a variety of personalities. To make the change effective, these personalities must be influenced and aligned towards valuable outcomes. The first step, however, is to recognize the personalities along with their attributes. In this workshop we will use Personas to help identify approaches by adding a layer of real-world consideration into the conversations.

      Highlights of this workshop.

      • Understanding of personas.
      • The participants recognize the personas at work
      • Understand the motivations, goals, challenges of the Personas
      • Evolve approaches to interact with these personas to bring in effective change
      • Build on an inventory of Personas that can be immediately applied at work