Embedded user feedback loops - What is it and where do I start

How often should we get feedback from the user/customer?

In too many projects/teams "user feedback" is something that is nice-to-have, or collected at the end of the sprint from project stakeholders who may not even speak to the customers/users.

The problem:

The lack of feedback means we walk a precarious tight rope of creating something customers/users do not want and may not even get used.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Why are feedback loops are so important
  2. What are embedded user feedback loops
  3. The two primary way to capture end-user feedback
  4. Examples and techniques of proactive embedded user feedback loops

Learning Outcome

A clear understanding of:

  • Importances of end-user feedback loops
  • The difference between proactive and reactive feedback

Also a few useful techniques for creating proactive embedded user feedback loops

Target Audience

People looking to learn about different ways of capturing customer feedback

Prerequisites for Attendees


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