Stop telling, Design an experience using six principles of brain science

"Is this clear?" As a trainer, I asked numerous times. However, I tried to fix the wrong problem: I must not have told them clearly enough. In reality, my problem was that was I telling. After understanding how people learn best from Training from the Back of the Room by Sharon Bowman, it's clear our current approach was insufficient. Lecturing others or simply stating “you’re now certified”; rarely gets the intended results. People are skeptical about something until they experience it. Join us in this experiential workshop to design and engage first-hand in the power of using exercises to experience a key value/message. Together, we will dissect and explore interactive exercises to gain insights on how they deliver important learnings including self-organization, Psychological safety, communication, wisdom of the crowd, vulnerability, and responding to change. Leave with tools that you can apply tomorrow to stop telling people and start engaging and having your audience experience


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

5 mins - Fast pass on how workshops and trainings make the audience feel?

10 mins - Talking trumps listening

10 mins - Movement trumps sitting

10 mins - Different trumps same

10 mins - Writing trumps reading

10 mins - Images trumps words

10 mins - Shorter trumps

10 mins - Audience design a small interactive workshop in groups

15 mins - Each group delivers a 2 min training

5 mins - Q&A and conclusion

We are experienced trainers delivering workshops and public classes, so the above is a representative workshop of what will be delivered, but we can adjust based on number of attendees and groups

Learning Outcome

  • - Explain why experiential learning is more powerful than reading/hearing
  • - Facilitate six tools/exercises to provide key learnings
  • - Learn facilitation techniques to debrief exercises for critical learning retention

Target Audience

Trainers, Coaches, ScrumMasters, Executives

Prerequisites for Attendees

None! Bring an open mind and we'll go on a fun learning adventure together! Everything you need will be provided in the workshop.



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