Product management, engineering execution and processes and for them to work in tango is what makes or breaks a product organization. The functions need to be efficient and predictable in their own territory but they also need to work with each other seamlessly. At the organizational level, we might still identify as separate functions but on the ground, they need to work very closely. The talk will attempt to build the picture of an ecosystem and how to make them work together. Not rocket science but many small things and the underlying notions which builds a healthy and delivering product organization. Will delve on a little bit of psychology both at individual and group level.

I have started calling it Bermuda Triangle so that any concept should get sucked in this ecosystem in the right way. If there are things which still look alien it's time to go back and check the mission/vision of the organization(startup).


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

I still have not built it completely but would like to present it in terms of a hypothetical example in which the exercise of building a product will be taken. At times it might travel to more details on the different functions of product management, engineering details, and agile processes.

Learning Outcome

An understanding of a way to build and run software product organizations from product management and engineering perspective.

Target Audience

Anyone part of the product building organization

Prerequisites for Attendees

Sitt back, listen and ruminate and be ready to build discussion.

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