Just add Play - A key ingredient in healthy organisations

While the benefits of play have been recognised in fields such as psychology and neuroscience, a resistance still remains. Play is often seen as a frivolous activity, less valuable than ‘productive time’. However, play enables us to increase engagement, create psychological safety and it can allow us to embrace ambiguity and creativity.

In this interactive talk, Hanna will speak to the importance of playfulness at work, what play indeed is and how it works it’s magic. Anticipating this will leave you inspired to bring the much needed creativity and silliness into your organisation - play it forward!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Presentation sprinkled with interactive activities.

  1. Why is Play more important now than ever
  2. What is Play (theory)
  3. How does it work (the psychological and neurological benefits, with activity examples)

Learning Outcome

Play is not a frivolous activity that should be considered less productive. Playfulness and creativity have scientific benefits, and you might just have a laugh in the process :)

Target Audience

Anyone who has and interest in what play and creativity can add to their organisation.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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