I know the solution! Ok, So... what's the problem?

Product is a very interesting role and sometimes feeding a team with user stories and a long backlog can seem tedious and boring, no wonder people aren't enthusiastic - how can you feel "bought in" to a solution - what is the problem?

Can working in a cross function team bring out excitement, innovation and bring you closer to solving real problems!?

What's worse than a boring meeting with no outcomes, no buy in, no motivation to WANT to do work? If you have ever experienced this, then this is a workshop that can show you how you can collaborate and cut the noise.

Trust a group of people who want to solve problems and see how quickly we can focus and together find the RIGHT problem.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Introduction to ME! (10 minutes)

High level introduction of User Journey (this is a surprise to see if you can think quickly on your feet) (30 minutes)

Activity - Pick the Pains! (15 minutes)

Discussion - Let's review the hot spots! (20 minutes)

Now do we have a real problem to solve? (5 minutes)

Conclusion (5 minutes)

Learning Outcome

* Collaboration to focus together

* Work together to define problems better

* Having an open mind can help you focus

* Achieve better outcomes with excited team members

Target Audience

Developers, Product, Business Analysts, IMs, QAs

Prerequisites for Attendees

- Bring your thinking hats

- Bring FUN

- Be ready to solve a problem!

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