10 years of DevOps- Where are we today?

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Happy birthday, Devops- you are officially ten years old this year!!! Let’s blow out the candles on our cake, and reflect on our devops journey!

This session will cover the evolution of devops over the past ten years, and talk about the initial idea, the growth of devops, to the state of the world today! You will leave with an understanding of the different successes that it has provided for organizations, the challenges that devops faces today, and where devops might be in another ten years.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This talk will be structured in the following way:

- The Devops inception story
- What it was promised to be (culture, automation, measurement, sharing)
- What stuck on the wall (automation, measurement)
- What other things stuck on (pipelines)
- So what about culture and measurement and sharing?
- Where do we go from here, and what is on the horizon?
- Devops 2.0, and where we are going:

- SRE (versus devops culture)
- Observability (versus old school monitoring)
- What happened with Testing? (devtestops idea)
- Where does security fit in? (push for devsecops)
- What about database? (db practices in devops)
- Pipeline prevalence in other organizations (sales/marketing/business)


Learning Outcome

At the end of this talk, attendees will understand the state of devops today, understand the current trends in the devops realm, and understand how the current trends in the devops influence where we are going with the paradigm itself.

Target Audience

technical folks, engineers, operations, scrum masters

Prerequisites for Attendees




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