Helping early, helping now. Tales of agile from the social work trenches

While prevention is known to be the best cure, preventing the unknown is difficult.

In relation to family violence, what does the prevention look like? In addition to that, how we deliver policies quicker and with more accuracy?

In this talk, we will tell the story of delivering policy in record-breaking time. The policy is related to protecting families from violence early on. We will explain how Agile helped social workers to design and deliver Early help service. This service assists people early and thus lessen the number of more severe, acute interventions. The service was delivered in a record-breaking time and co-designed with public.

Come and learn about our application of Agile and how we delivered outcome through

  • Gaining a shared vision with the executive stakeholders
  • Collaboration across multiple department
  • Composing 360 degree view on the issue
  • Following Scrum in nonIT environment
  • Connecting public servants with the general public
  • Seeking early feedback on the problem
  • Empowering the team to self-organise
  • Coaching the team to take ownership


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

5 min introduction to the Australian government system

5 min setting the context: the problem and the Orange hub

10 min starting the experiment. Dealing with sensitive information

15 min tales from the trenches: how we failed, learned and succeeded

5 min conclusion, 5 steps to implement Agile in the social work

5 min Q&A and handouts

Learning Outcome

  • Use of Agile in social work
  • 5 steps implementation playbook ( handout)
  • How to engage and coach executives
  • Dealing with sensitive subjects: dos and don'ts on information sharing

Target Audience

Anyone who is considering to apply Agile for the government

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of Scrum and Lean start-up

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