You would like to be a good scrum master and wondering how you can do that.

In this session, we will cover the knowledge repository and approaches beyond the framework. Topics including
- What are High Performance Teams?
- How do you assess your current team?
- What are the good facilitating approaches?
- How do you coach a team or 1-to-1?
- How do you coach executives and senior management?


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Opening Discussion "What is the biggest challenge as Scrum Masters"
1 mins individual has an index card and writes down "What at the challenges as Scrum Masters"
Three 2-minute exchange-and-scoring rounds (scoring 1-5 based on the assessment)
3 mins call out the challenges with highest rating
15 mins Top 8 skills of Scrum Master
5 mins Link key skills to top challenges from open discussions
5 mins Introduce the First Group Exercise "Personal Journey" to build trust
20 mins 1st Group Exercise (Coaches to assist)
5 mins Summary and Feedback on 1st Group Exercise
5 mins Introduce the 2nd Group Exercise use "GROW" model
20 Mins 2nd Group Exercise (Coaches to assist)
5 mins Summary and Feedback on the 2nd Group Exercise
5 mins Closure and Retrospective of session

Learning Outcome

  1. A good understanding of biggest challenges as Scrum Masters
  2. Understanding of top skills for a good Scrum Master
  3. Learn and practice facilitating approach
  4. Learn and practice coaching approach

Learn and practice coaching approach

Target Audience

Scrum Master, Development Lead, Transformation lead, Agile Coaches, Architects, Agile Team Members

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of Agile

Minimum 6 months Experiences in Agile

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Public Feedback

    • 480 Mins

      In this one-day Workshop, Dave Snowden, the creator of the Cynefin framework and famous in the agile community as an inspiring and sometimes controversial speaker, will address agility from the point of view of complexity. Participants will be exposed to a realistic approach that puts context before dogma and shows a future for Agile that goes beyond fighting over methods and towards a sophisticated application of agility in organizations.

      This class will offer an introduction to the Cynefin framework by its creator: the Cynefin framework is a transformational idea that uses a situation-specific approach to making sense of the world in order to act in it, and ensures effective work, decision making, and management even in complex and uncertain environments. For Agile practitioners, this framework supports effectively tailoring methods and practices to different situations. Cynefin-informed methods and practices help Agile organizations harness change and turn complex situations into a competitive advantage for customers and the business.

      DateTime: This workshop is scheduled on Oct 12th and 13th from 2 PM to 6 PM IST (4 hours each day)