Moving beyond doing agile to being agile

Many organizations have taken agile transformation journeys in the recent years. However, only ~12% are able to achieve high level of agile competency. Beyond a point, organizations struggle to make improvements and/or scale their transformation at a sustained pace.

Having led successful agile transformations for clients across different industries and geographies, we have seen patterns emerge during the transition, particularly around a) replicating practices and ceremonies without understanding the intent b) driving frameworks and process over data and hypothesis-based outcomes c) a keen focus culture and change management to support people going through the transformation

Based on these learnings, I would like to share experience and best practices to enable a shift in Agile mindset over Agile process


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Why organizations struggle with agile transformations
  2. Impact of transformation success on
    • Understanding the intent
    • Data and hypothesis-based outcomes
    • Culture and change management
  3. Understand how to shift culture and mindset to drive right behaviors
  4. Lessons learned from the trenches

Learning Outcome

Audience will be able to understand

  • the key levers of an agile transformation.
  • the importance of culture and mindsets in an agile transformation
  • the tools needed to shape culture/mindset in guiding the transformation in right direction

Target Audience

Executives, Agilists , folks interested in agile,

Prerequisites for Attendees

The participants should be familiar with the agile and agile transformations.

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