"Listening is probably the most underrated leadership skill", wrote Otto Scharmer.

This is profoundly true, if the kind of leadership you are looking for is one that's connected to your own aspirations and needs, and to those of the people you interact with.

Real listening requires deliberate attention, openness, patience, curiosity, empathy, desire to understand and, ultimately, courage.

These are all highly developed character qualities, not just techniques that you can superficially practice -- which is why real listening is not easy to find in people and organizations, where it's more common to see someone operating from a low emotional level while giving supposedly high level advice.

Introducing change in organizations, including Agile and adaptive ones, is almost impossible without those qualities. If they are missing, change remains at a superficial, process- and practice-oriented level, but none of the underlying paradigms by which the organization and the individuals operate will be affected.

Most of the time, eventually, the superficial change fades away and things revert back to what they were, or worse.

In this workshop we'll explore what Active Listening is, through guided exercises and the sharing of experiences. We'll learn to identify different emotional states and to be present and open when we listen to others -- especially others who have different opinions from ours.

You'll also get a brief introduction to Clean Language, as a neutral approach to invite others to share their perspective with you.

Expect to be challenged, in a good way!


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

What is leadership in an Agile context

The systemic importance of self-awareness

Foundation of Active Listening (with practice)

Engaging is true conversations (with practice)

Introducing Clean Language as a coaching/conversational tool (with practice)

Learning Outcome

  • A clearer understating of the leading/following dynamics
  • Understanding power and influence
  • Some practical conversational tools

Target Audience

Agile Leaders, coaches, Scrum Masters

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