Property-Based Testing - Examples of Properties from Business Applications

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I got excited about property-based testing after hearing John Hughes talk at Functional Conf 2016. I tried it that year with QuickCheck, but failed miserably (it almost derailed the entire project delivery). I cribbed about it in my talk at Functional Conf 2017. In 2018, Srihari's talk got me excited again. This time, I tried with Hedgehog, and got it to work!

This talk is about this journey and its learnings. We'll talk about how Hedgehog was used to test [1]:

  • A Postgres backed task/job queue
  • A small Wai/Servant based webapp

And no, we will not talk about the most common (and completely useless) example of reversing a list!

[1] Both of these are part of an open-sourced task/job queue library.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Understanding property-based testing of pure code through real-world examples
  • Problems faced while testing stateful code (most commonly where state is stored in a DB)
  • Approaches used by various libraries for testing stateful code
  • Walk-through of how property tests were used to ensure correctness of a Postgres-backed job/task queue
  • Walk-through of how property tests were used to test a small DB-backed webapp

Learning Outcome

How to use property-testing effectively in typical web applications

Target Audience

Tech Leaders and Engineers interested in TDD and Testing at large



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