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Branch By Abstraction is the lesser-known development practice for software development organizations doing Trunk-Based Development. It is the key technique with feature-flags that allows such teams to implement larger and longer-to-change pieces of work that would otherwise be done on a separate branch. Paul introduced the world to this in 2007 (with materals that made it into the famous Contiuous Delivery book) and talks attendees through the practice.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Slides educating on branch by abstraction, and its direct indirect benefits.

Learning Outcome

The attendees should understand what problems their company could use Branch by Abstraction to solve, and broadly how to implement it in Git or other modern source-control system.

Target Audience

Tech Leaders and Engineers interested in Continuous Delivery generally, or have concerns about effect how to implement Branch by Abstraction specifically.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowledge of how development works with source-control systems (checkout, changes, commit/checkin). Why you have branches and tags within that, and what merges are for multi-person development teams.


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