Dave will be presenting the following sessions
  • Dave Snowden

    Dave Snowden - Is Mindset yet another agile buzzword?

    45 Mins

    While it is true to say that people’s attitudes and beliefs are key to implementing an agile project, or Agile in itself, much of the use of the term ‘mindset’ implies a mental model that can be defined and engineered. In this presentation, we will look at how we can measure attitudes within an organization and use multiple small actions to trigger the rapid evolution of organizational culture, so that it can sustain agile developments. Mindset and the alignment-based ideas of some on the Agile movement too often imply creating homogeneous beliefs and values that will lead to full alignment. In practice, this damages resilience and can be dangerous. This presentation will introduce the idea of coherence instead of alignment - the celebration of cognitive and behavioral differences that can align if needed to support the delivery of sustainable solutions.

  • 480 Mins

    In this one-day Workshop, Dave Snowden, the creator of the Cynefin framework and famous in the agile community as an inspiring and sometimes controversial speaker, will address agility from the point of view of complexity. Participants will be exposed to a realistic approach that puts context before dogma and shows a future for Agile that goes beyond fighting over methods and towards a sophisticated application of agility in organizations.

    This class will offer an introduction to the Cynefin framework by its creator: the Cynefin framework is a transformational idea that uses a situation-specific approach to making sense of the world in order to act in it, and ensures effective work, decision making, and management even in complex and uncertain environments. For Agile practitioners, this framework supports effectively tailoring methods and practices to different situations. Cynefin-informed methods and practices help Agile organizations harness change and turn complex situations into a competitive advantage for customers and the business.

    DateTime: This workshop is scheduled on Oct 12th and 13th from 2 PM to 6 PM IST (4 hours each day)

1. What got you started/interested in Agile?

I was one of the founders of DSDM many moons ago when I was responsible for strategy in DataSciences before the IBM take over.   I moved into research but was pulled back into the field by the XP community in London over a decade ago as they were interested in Complexity and Cynefin and things took off from there.

2. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by the Agile community today?

To be agile and avoid commodification; in practice, it may be too late as the SAFe Borg is a symptom of what may be a fatal disease - we may need to reinvent agility, return it to the wild and away from domestication.  It is far too tame at the moment and becoming tamer.  Also Agile as a whole needs to break the perverted certification focus that is corrupting the original idea.  I don't see many signs of this regrettably 

3. Tell us about the session(s) you will be presenting at the conference and why did you choose those topics?

I'll be talking in the keynote and further developing in the workshop, the need for multiple methods and the need for a radical rethink of architecture and design.

4. What are some of the key takeaways from your session(s) at Agile India?

1862 Lincoln, in a key address to the Congress, said "The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise -- with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country"  The message is the same today - but remember the combination THINK as well as ACT

5. Which are your favourite sessions at Agile India this year? (Sessions that you are looking forward to attending)

I like meandering around listening to people - nothing in particular

6. Any personal remarks/message you want to share with the Agile Community?

I'm looking forward to this - please come and talk