Teri will be presenting the following sessions
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  • Teri Christian

    Teri Christian - Digital Product Mastery - Optimize Your System

    90 Mins

    The move away from traditional ways of working and thinking to digitization leads to change in the way we work, learn and measure. It is important to understand how the digital economy has shifted our ways of working in a digital organization from strategy to execution.

    Join us in game play where we will explore Digital Product Management and the Critical Success Factors, Events and Skills needed to create value flow to customers. We will look at the skills needed for a company to move from being descriptive to one that can respond to emergent needs. Applying this knowledge will help organisations transform their operating model have a competitive edge in a VUCA economy. Plan to Win!

  • Teri Christian

    Teri Christian - How a Digital Operating Model creates Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    Unlike typical operating models, the DigOps model focuses on organizational mindset, mechanics, maturity and market share. The model helps change culture and creates a team of team environment using Diverse Collaboration techniques that develop diversity, equity and inclusion across the organization as they deliver a predictable flow of value to their customers. 

    As organizations learn, they develop this same relationship with their customers by creating opportunities for Diverse Collaboration where every voice can be heard.  This helps them relate to their customers, potential customers and provide the best experience possible. 

    Join me in exploring this DigOps model and how to implement a team of teams approach in your organization that will promote diversity, equity and inclusion that results in business results. 


1. What got you started/interested in Agile?

I was fortunate enough to retire after the Y2K era and was happy to as I found working in technology less than satisfying and not up to the ethical standard I thought it should be. Unfortunately  my retire plan did not work out, so I had to return to enterprise technology. When I left I was a senior program manager, upon returning I could only secure a technical writer role. As part of that role I was asked to take an agile certification. I was very aligned to the mindset, values and principles of agile and found it refreshing and unique. I haven't looked back since. 

2. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by the Agile community today?

Getting along, being pragmatic, aligning to the first agile value, Interactions and Individuals over Processes and Tools. We have floated adrift selling processes and tools and have not given enough intention on how we do things rather than what we do. Also need to either update the manifesto or create another one that encompasses the needs of the fourth generation of agility. 

3. Tell us about the session(s) you will be presenting at the conference and why did you choose those topics?

I chose the Plan to Win game because the five levels of Agile planning are grossly overlooked and skimmed over by most organizations. This is fun, yet educational way to understand the investments and skills needed at each level to ensure there is planning that will allow work to flow through the system from strategy to execution. 

The case study is really just to share learning with others and introduce another way of looking at transformation that produced some fantastic results. 

4. What are some of the key takeaways from your session(s) at Agile India?

Hopefully new ways of thinking, working and learning. We need to break free from practices that are not servicing our customers and up lift key areas that are an ongoing problem.

5. Which are your favourite sessions at Agile India this year? (Sessions that you are looking forward to attending)

Dave Snowden, Karen Ferris and Kai Gilb sessions look very promising.

6. Any personal remarks/message you want to share with the Agile Community?

Just looking forward to meeting, learning and growing together!