Software 4.0 is the ethereal power behind the Digital Revolution.

What is Software 4.0?

It is distributed, multi modal, reactive, API first and Elastic. And much more.

The talk is a back to basics view of Software 4.0 and the ABCs that define it.

A simplified view as this would help the engineering teams, overwhelmed by the plethora of keywords and expectations, to get started with their digital transformation.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

What is Software 4.0?

The ABCs

A is for AI

[ A 5 minute demo to show how easy it is, with today’s tech to integrate a Computer Vision model into your application]

B is for Big Data

C is for Cloud Native

[ Will be spending 10 minutes about each]

How digital is your app?



Learning Outcome

How to get started with Digital Transformation 

Target Audience

Anyone interested in the digitally transformed world of today

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Anish Cheriyan

    Anish Cheriyan / Lokesh Babu / Suresh Babu Sathiyakumar - ABC's of Developer Test- a clean code initiative (automotive embedded domain)

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    This talk will be an experience sharing on our Clean Code Improvement initiative from Automotive Embedded Domain.

    Key areas that will be covered are Collaboration between Developer and Test, Effective Test fixtures, using the right test design techniques and running the unit test on a continuous basis in the build pipeline. Code Snippets and examples from the Automotive ( Navigation, Connectivity protocol areas ) will be covered.