Working with Agile coaches can be awful! While we coach teams and leaders, we aren't perfect people. Like any person, we Agile coaches also have our trials and tribulations, eccentric characters and chaos.

Join us as we explore together what it is that makes us tick and how we Agile coaches can work together. As coaches we are often looked up to as role models of what a zen or high performing team should look like - but is this really the case? Do we live the agile values that we preach, are we the best collaborators? Coaching isn't for the faint-hearted, yet the empathy that we give others seems lost with other coaches. How do we leverage what we have as coaches, bringing in our skills, complementing each other to create an awesome coaching team.

***Interactive Talk- We will be using Menti for participation***


Outline/Structure of the Talk

2' - Introduction – Vinnie intro 

30' for the next section

  • Poll the attendees - What challenges do you have working with other Agile coaches?
  • Why is it important to be able to work with other Agile coaches? An overview of coaching team diversity.
  • Understand the coaches in the system - who owns what, what do they do, what role do they have?
  • Coaching team contract
  • Empathy with other Agile coaches
  • Socialization
  • Coach archetypes
  • Coach team dysfunctions
  • Capability matrix
  • Retros
  • Fatigue
  • Practice what you preach


5' - Conclusion with a Menti poll


Remainder of total timebox - Q&A



Inevitably, as an Agile coach you will end up working with other Agile coaches. So of course you need to learn how to work with them! But it’s more than that. As an Agile coach, you need to walk the walk - the teams that you encourage on their agile journey must see you value the same Agile values that you preach. You need to be able to work well with other Agile coaches so that you create a high performing coaching team that serves as an example. And remember, Agile coaches are people too! You can’t put them on a pedestal, and you can’t put yourself on that very same pedestal either.

Learning Outcome

  •         The attendees will surface what the main pain points are collaborating with other agile coaches and why 
  •         The attendees will gather insights on tools and techniques they can use to make their coaching unit cohesive 
  •         The attendees will explore what typically happens to them and their team in the life cycle of an agile coach 
  •         The attendees will understand the need to support each other as coaching can be a tough gig
  •         The attendees will understand the benefits of leveraging skills, complementing each other to create an awesome coaching team 


Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Change Agents, Managers, Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees




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Public Feedback

    • Jakub Jurkiewicz

      Jakub Jurkiewicz - Moving from Feedback to Feedforward

      Jakub Jurkiewicz
      Jakub Jurkiewicz
      Agile Coaching Lab
      schedule 1 year ago
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      90 Mins

      Join this workshop to discover an alternative to feedback - feedforward!
      Feedback is the concept that helps us improve our products, teams, organisations and ourselves. As agilists, we believe we need feedback to inspect and adapt. We give and receive feedback every day. And it doesn’t always go well. As we give and receive feedback, people get defensive. Feelings get hurt. Often, the improvements don’t happen, because the feedback isn’t given in a way that the receiver can embrace.

      It turns out there’s a different approach to giving feedback that works a lot better, a way of turning its focus from the past to the future. It’s an idea called “feedforward".

      In this workshop, we will learn and practice the concept of feedforward. Join us to explore how feedforward is different from feedback, how it helps us focus on the future, and let go of the past. Learn how to be a better coach, leader and colleague.

    • 45 Mins

      The idea of change scares a lot of people! The thought of being uncomfortable in a new environment freaks us out and results in us being unable to adapt. Like IQ and EQ, we need to understand the Adaptability Quotient, or AQ, to succeed in our life. Be it a new relationship, a new role in life or a new workplace, we all need to adapt. If Charles Darwin was with us today, he would have said it’s “survival of the most adaptable“. In this session, we will explore what AQ is and how it’s tied to our personal mental model. Our shared activities will help you learn how to identify your mental model and make it more adaptable.

    • Alex Sloley

      Alex Sloley / Sarah Skold - ATHENA - Agile Coaching Ethics Framework

      45 Mins

      “Principles aren’t principles when you pick and choose when you’re gonna follow them." – Chidi Anagonye, The Good Place 

      Have you ever been in a gnarly situation where you really struggled to make a decision? Should I go left or should I go right? Should I go over or should I go under?? Should I stay or should I go??? How the heck do you navigate these messed up situations?! And at the end of it, how do you know whether what you chose to do was ‘right’?  

      Big dilemmas can get us pretty worked up, and when the emotions roll in, we often let our instincts take over, while our brains forget to think. That’s where ethics steps in. Ethics is the difference between what you have a right to do and what the right thing is. Ethics ain’t easy, but having a framework to look at complex situations supports us enables us to put the emotions to one side, and consider things more objectively. In this session we will face some big dilemmas, explore the idea of making decisions with ‘good’ reasons, and discuss how to guide and coach others to develop their ethical reasoning.

    • Alex Sloley

      Alex Sloley / Roslyn Martin - Agile Dance – Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner!

      45 Mins

      Dance is a universal component of all human societies, impacting the arts, culture, language, religion, entertainment, and even mating rituals.

      Self-care is fast becoming an important topic at Agile conferences, particularly given the 2020 we’ve all had. The mental wellness of individuals, and people together on teams, plays an important role in enabling high-performing organizations. With the move to virtual teams, having a team ‘dance’ can bring a sense of ‘togetherness’ even as we are all physically distant. In this workshop, together we will learn the fundamentals of dance and how to create an engaging team formation activity (for both the physical and virtual world). We will then explore the emerging philosophy of Dance Therapy and how dance can help build and support a culture of self, and team-care.

    • Alex Sloley

      Alex Sloley / Sarah Skold - Turning Whingers into Winners - Stop whinging and engage stakeholders with customer feedback to drive positive outcomes!

      45 Mins

      There’s nothing worse than a whingey little baby! Besides, perhaps, a whingey product person or stakeholder. Look, we all whinge, it’s human nature. But it can interfere with being able to accept relevant feedback and driving to positive product outcomes.

      Join Sarah and Alex as we explore how whingey stakeholders can be turned into winners! By helping them understand the nature of feedback, how to assess and share that feedback, and what happens after that. C’mon! Don’t be a whingey little baby… Take action!