We are in the middle of a pandemic and a highly polarised world at the same time. I think it would be beneficial to reinforce the idea that a team's collective intelligence and productivity in an industrial sense have more to do with individual social sensitivity or emotional quotient as some call it, of its members than their individual brilliance (IQ).
My talk is based on the research in the field of distributed cognition by Edwin Hutchins, the relation of group intelligence to individual social sensitivity by Anita Williams, and the latest research by Nikoleta Et all which suggests that not only is a team's collective intelligence linked to individual EQ but more specifically to least socially sensitive person in the team.
A simple takeaway from this talk would be for everyone to realize that no matter how technically brilliant you are, you perhaps are the reason for your team's low 'collective intelligence' if you have less than the average EQ of your team.

I will also suggest some measures on how to mitigate the EQ issues.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Distributed Cognition Theory: 5 Mins

- Measuring collective intelligence of groups : 3 Mins

- Factors affecting collective intelligence: 3 Mins 

- Improving team cognition: 5 Mins

- Conclusion and QnA : 4 Mins

Learning Outcome

How not to be the reason for the low collective intelligence of your team. And guess what, it has nothing to do with your IQ or individual brilliance.

Target Audience

All team members irrespective of their role.

Prerequisites for Attendees

An open mindset, ability to question existing beliefs. 

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  • Pranjal Bathia

    Pranjal Bathia - Process and data flows - way to succeed in large scale initiatives !

    20 Mins

    Designing and planning for enterprise-scale initiatives is a tedious process, especially when the organization is big with 20k employees. Having different verticals to run different business functions like IT, marketing, finance, sales, engineering, etc. poses an additional challenge. Preparing for change that affects the whole organization impacts hundreds of systems and business processes.

    Fortunately, I had an opportunity to be a part of such an initiative. I would like to share how drafting data flow and process diagrams as per value streams helped us to articulate the current picture of different systems and processes. How it helped in identifying business-critical pain points and proposing solutions for those with ease. 

    In this session, you will also get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Archimate and how I used it effectively in an enterprise-wide initiative.