The Secret Sauce of Keeping Stakeholders Happy!

There are stakeholders associated with every task we accomplish. Stakeholder management/delight is also a key competency of Agile Delivery. Yet a lot of times, (Almost all of us!) have come across a situation where our stakeholders expected something else. At that moment, we feel -What if I knew what they expected!! At many occasions, even sincere efforts don't yield benefits as the key gap of understanding our stakeholder is not bridged.  

Keeping stakeholders happy is an art. But this can be strategised with some simple tips which I call as the "secret sauce".

In my presentation, I aim to present these simple ground rules which could apply to almost any situation. With these tips you can focus on accelerating growth as you'll have happy stakeholders by your side.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introduce the problem statement (5 mins)

2. Some gotchas from experience. (10 mins)

3. Agile Delivery Competency - Stakeholder Management (10 mins)

4. Introduce the secret sauce to stakeholder management - Some examples from experience. (15 mins)

5. QnA (5 mins)

Learning Outcome

How to do stakeholder management in Agile Delivery teams 

Inculcate Agile Mindset - Every task has an accountability to a set of stakeholders. Knowing your stakeholder is important for clear expectation setting and communication.

Agile Mindset Affirmation - Self Driven, Ownership and Accountability

Target Audience

SM, BA, PO, Delivery Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

People should be part of Agile Delivery teams and should have prior exposure of stakeholder management.



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