Who's the Boss Anyway!? What is Adaptive Org Design?

Nothing ever gets done without a decision being made somewhere. Whether that’s what you’ll eat for breakfast or which corporate strategy to follow, action follows decisions.  In a typical hierarchical model, most “important” decisions are made by those higher up in the organization. The level of decision-making decreases dramatically the lower in the org you go.


What would it look like to have distributed decision-making? What if a Sales person could make decisions on discounts to potential customers? What if a line manager could make purchasing decisions on contractors? What if a front-end Developer could make decisions on UX?


➡️What do you think needs to happen for this to be successful?


What you’ll get in this session:



Outline/Structure of the Talk

5min - Intro and start with a question, "What is adaptive org design mean to you?"  Collect responses.

10min - Differentiate between org structure & design. Provide a definition on org design.

10min - Breakouts - With this concept, think about your current org. What are the challenges today? How are decisions being made?  Debrief in large group after breakout.

10min - Provide our concept of adaptive org design, and the decision-making process

10min - Introduce a new tool on 7 Levels of Decision-Making, discuss, leave them wanting more. :)

Learning Outcome

The definition of org design

A concept model behind adaptive org design

A way to change the decision-making process in an org to be more enablement-focused, than rights-focused

Target Audience

Team Leads, Managers and individuals who feel passionate about how to create change at work (from any level, team and beyond…)


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