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What is the value of Collaboration in your Organization? Are your teams aligned with the overall purpose & targeted outcomes of an initiative they are working on? How might you facilitate alignment & increase their chance of success?

This talk is targeted at Scrummasters, Product, Agile Coaches and Agile Leaders who are faced with the challenge of successfully kicking off new initiatives within an organization. Facilitating true Collaboration is often understated. Complex collaborative work requires “shared understanding”, high quality discussions, psychological safety & inclusion. As leaders in organizations, we oftentimes miss that it takes intention & design to foster good Collaboration.

Kicking off initiatives is always a challenge in organizations I’ve worked with in the past – it is either too loosely defined or too prescriptive. Inceptions are here to the rescue!! They are an invigorating & meaningful way to bring a team, dependent team(s), product and business stakeholders together to align on the Strategy (Why), The Work (What) and the Team (How). The intentional activities, design and flow of an inception enable a shared understanding which lays a foundation for inclusive collaboration. When done well it can take teams from Good to Great and set them up for success.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

In this talk the audience will gain exposure to the origin of inceptions & our organization’s journey with inceptions so far. We will peek into the inception process & some of the critical activities performed by the team. Lastly, we will reflect on what it takes to build fluency in this practice

0:02 Introduction: Achieving Aligned Autonomy in Product Development with Inceptions (2 mins)

Theme 1: Inception Origins (3 mins)

0:03 Why?

0:05 What? 

Theme 2: Peek into the Inception Process & Critical Activities (9 mins)

0:08 #1 Problem – Communication: Layout, Who Attends, Preparation

0:10 #2 Problem – Building the Right Product: Customer Journey, User Flow

0:14 #3 Problem – Building Incrementally: Story Mapping, Slicing


Theme 3: Building Fluency in this Practice (4 mins)

0:15 Good to Great

0:16 What’s after an inception?

0:18 Closing

+ Q&A

Learning Outcome

  1. Understand the importance of creating a platform for true Collaboration
  2. Utilize the Inception process to kickoff new initiatives in a meaningful way
  3. Identify the Activities your Team can perform to build a Shared Understanding
  4. Apply key Principles to take teams from Good to Great

Target Audience

Scrummasters, Product, Agile Coaches & Agile Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

There is no prior knowledge you need to have about the Inception process before you attend this presentation. If you have worked on an Agile Team in any capacity & have experienced the start of a project, product or initiative you will be able to get a lot of value from this case study walkthrough/talk. Inceptions will blow your mind & will change the way you think about "kicking off" work in your organization.

I presented this talk multiple times within the organization to help educate & train them on the value of inceptions. In addition, I have worked with and coached 9 (out of 11) Domain Teams within our organization to successfully use this process to kickoff new work. Through the year our organization conducted 3 in-person inceptions in Q1-2020 & 17 remote inceptions during the remainder of 2020 (Q2-Q4) and all inceptions in 2021 have been conducted remotely.

Learn from our application of this process at Paciolan.


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