In this talk, infrastructure coder Paul Stack demonstrates why writing infrastructure in general programming languages is a better choice for infrastructure management.

General purpose languages allow infrastructure code to have integrated testing, compile time checks, and create infrastructure APIs, and is more suited to infrastructure management than DSLs, JSON or YAML.

Infrastructure can be built that manages Serverless, Kubernetes, PaaS and IaaS systems across multiple cloud providers.

What You’ll Learn

  • Infrastructure code is just as important as application code
  • Infrastructure code needs the flexibility of language ecosystems
  • Different teams at different stages of cloud adoption are actually all moving in the same direction

Outline/Structure of the Talk

The talk will look at how DevOps has transformed the delivery of software and why we are only just getting started in this transformation

Learning Outcome

This talk will show people that the symbiotic relationship between infrastructure code and application code means that both need to exist and be developed in a way that allows them to be extensible to allow for change and adaption

Target Audience

Developers + DevOps Enthusiasts

schedule Submitted 1 year ago