A Simple Approach to Managing Complexity

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We often find ourselves in complex situations without recognizing what makes them complex. Fortunately, understanding the context can help us to benefit from the situation by reducing or even increasing the complexity.

In this workshop, we will introduce a simple tool for understanding the context of complexity (thedifference matrix ofHuman Systems Dynamics, HSD in short). HSD helps us see the differences and exchanges that make a situation complex and as well as providing hints for changing the level of the complexity. Using a case study, participants will experience in small groups (using breakout rooms) an example of how they can use the HSD difference matrix.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Welcome & set the stage (5’ ->  5’)
  • Collect participants’ experience/understanding of complexity (10’ -> 15’)
  • Present different schools of thoughts on complexity (Cynefin/Snowden, Stacey, Human Systems Dynamics) (15’ -> 30’)
  • Present the difference matrix for analyzing a situation (10’ -> 40’)
  • Briefly present the case study (5’ -> 45’)
  • In small groups use the difference matrix to generate ideas for solving a complex problem presented in the case study (facilitators will visit regularly the small groups, support & challenge with questions & feedback) (20’ -> 65’)
  • In plenary collect the results of the group work (15’ -> 80’)
  • Collect participants’ key findings/lessons learned of the workshop (5’ -> 85’)
  • Debrief & Wrap-up (5’ -> 90’)

Learning Outcome

  • Understand different perspectives on complexity
  • Understand the difference matrix
  • Learn how you can benefit from complexity by in-/decreasing differences/exchanges 

Target Audience

Product Owner, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Coaches, Consultants, Change Agents

Prerequisites for Attendees

Familiar with agile concepts. Project and management experience at best with leading and going through change.



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