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Agile doesn’t just need a reboot, it needs a rethink. The word isn’t a noun, a management fad, a manifesto or even a framework. One may be agile and never sprint, conduct a standup meeting or be part of a release train. The dread that many experience from commercial agile approaches is unfortunate and unnecessary.

Agile is an adjective: an agile surgeon, dancer, athlete, team, etc. Being agile is joyful and is applicable to all living beings. So how do we tap into that joy?

In this new talk, based on my forthcoming book, Joy of Agility, you will learn the definition of agile, six essential mantras for becoming agile, and several of my favourite stories that illustrate agility. You will leave this talk with a clear understanding of what it means to be agile and how to move towards the joy that flows from genuine agility.


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Executives, Leaders, Managers, Coaches


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