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  • Archana Maliyackal

    Archana Maliyackal - The Why ,How and What of an Outcome centric team

    Archana Maliyackal
    Archana Maliyackal
    Agile Coach
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    How do you know if your customers are happy with what you are building ?

    How often do you measure the impact on your customers?

    Many times teams focus too much on the factor that ‘Scrum helps us reduce our time to market’ and forget about the truth that ‘Scrum helps us to focus on Customer’. Teams focuses on optimising those numbers such as velocity, defect rate, cycle time etc and forget to understand the big picture of what value they are creating for the customers.

    In my session I will be talking about the topic Outcome centric teams, Why is it important and how can your team come out of ‘feature development trap’ .

1. What got you started/interested in modern software development methods?

I strongly believe that any product or software service is made to solve a human problem . We use different methods  to understand what is happening in our environment, identify things we want to change or problems we want to solve and then figure out the things that need to be done to create the desired outcome. It is this vicious cycle which motivates me in my day to day work. 

2. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by the software product engineering community today?

Eventhough importance of customer centricity is being spoken out loud for many years now and we have examples all around the world where companies which ran into bankruptcy failing to follow it , I still see missing focus and drive in organizations where people think and talk about customer and outcomes. 

3. What do you think are the most exciting developments in software product engineering today?

Along with innovation and modern technologies , i see a wave of shift towards more human centric approch ,esspecialy in workplace and leadership approches. 

4. Why did you choose the topic(s) you will be speaking about at the conference?

Customer centricity and outcome centric approch is crucial for any organization to succeed . Many times this job is left to strategic levels ,product managers ,product owners or business teams which results in partial or no results for organizations and can also lead to feature factories or unused product features. Hence it is important to have this enablement across all the levels of organization ,esspecialy the teams who are building the products.

5. What are some of the key takeaways from your session(s) at Agile India?

Importance of customer centricity

Output , Outcome and Imapct

How to influence customer behaviour

How can you as a team get started on customer centricy using various measures

6. Which sessions are you particularly looking forward to attending at Agile India this year?

I am looking forward for 

-8 guiding principles for Agile Coaches (or change agents) from the Spotify Ads R&D Agile Coaching team

-Design for Cognitive Bias: Using Mental Shortcuts for Good Instead of Evil

-Team Transformation Canvas: Team Building Starts With You

-A Simple Approach to Managing Complexity

7. Any personal remarks/message you want to share with the software community?

I am excited to have the opportunity to speak at AgileIndia 2021 and is looking forward to attend sessions from speakers across the world!!!