Jeffson will be presenting the following session
  • Jeffson Dsouza

    Jeffson Dsouza / Vijeth Hegde - Dojo – Taking Agile and DevOps To The Next Level

    20 Mins

    Structured around the principles of “Less Is More”, learning focus, impediment busting at speed, and early failures being stepping stones to success, the Dojo way enhances not only delivery processes, but also coaching, transformation and problem solving in Agile and DevOps, removing anti-patterns, minimizing variability, and realizing true value for investments. It takes collaboration and focus to the next level with hyper-sprint enabled faster feedback loops, stake-holder interactions and multiple trials for the optimal solution.

1. What got you started/interested in modern software development methods?

The ability of modern methods be more collaborative and outcome oriented with shorter feedback cycles.

2. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by the software product engineering community today?

Being Business relevant

3. What do you think are the most exciting developments in software product engineering today?

Development in DevOps and Cloud supporting Business Agility.

4. Why did you choose the topic(s) you will be speaking about at the conference?

Its very relevant to the software development teams today.

5. What are some of the key takeaways from your session(s) at Agile India?

Learning on how Dojo can help you being Agile compared to Doing Agile.

6. Which sessions are you particularly looking forward to attending at Agile India this year?

There are so many sessions I'm keen on but will have special focus on Business Agility sessions.