Creating an unexpected movement for good with agile

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Creating an unexpected movement for scrum masters, agile coaches and trainers to make a huge difference to the not-for-profit (NFP) community in Australia. We all have skills that can help those less fortunate than us, we just don’t all have permission to use them for good. In this story, Sam shares how he opened the space for his team of coaches and trainers to help others, and 4 years later the movement has spread with people from 3 of Australia’s largest corporations creating great outcomes for not for profits organisations across Australia, and hundreds of attendees joining Scrum Alliance training courses at no charge.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

It starts with a video to create a ‘hook’ to capture their attention (lone dancing guy who creates an unexpected movement). Sam shares the ‘spark’, recalling the moment from an Agile Conference when he was inspired to act and help others.

Sam tells the story of how it started in one Not For Profits (NFPs), and then spread as agile coaches heard about what was happening and how they could get involved. People attended Scrum Alliance courses for free to up-skill them and coaches provided help post training.

Sam shares how leaders supported people taking time out, and letters from CEOs in the NFPs told us we were making a difference.

The talk ends with a video impact story from one of the NFPs. We help people who help others – what can you do?

The slides will be of photographs, very few bullet points, it’s all about story telling

Learning Outcome

It is hoped that this talk will inspire everyone to act and see how they can give something back. Anyone working in agile teams has skills that can help their local NFP, community, church, school, or sports team run projects differently. They all need your help, you just need a culture within the organisation of ‘permission to give back’, and for leaders open the right spaces. You only need one person to start a movement – that could be you!

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Team Members, Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees




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