If you buy it, we'll build it - combining google design sprints and pretotypes

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Ahh, that thorny problem, how do we place the right 'bets' on the right ideas that have the best chance of become winning products? As a lifelong learner, I'm propelled by searching for tools and techniques to support my continuous improvement journey. 

I've long been a fan of the Google Design Sprint.  Over the past couple of years, I've become more familiar with Pretotyping, Alberto Savoia's technique to ensure you're 'building the right it before you build it right'.

Recently I've been incorporating pretotyping into design sprints, resulting in even more focus on validating an idea and determining how likely a product is to succeed. Doing so requires higher order facilitation skills and additional pre-planning. However, in the sessions I've run to date, the addition of pretotyping has resulted in the testing increments more tightly aligned to areas of concern. This means potential blockers ie sprint goals or potential 'how-might-we' HMW statements can be effectively tested and real data gained, rather than just more internal opinion. 

This approach is potentially of interest to people in organisations that have difficulty getting product to market; find it hard to align on common business goals; or who are looking for an additional evidence-gathering approach to support effective decision-making in product development. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

5 mins







- design sprints help get from idea to a testable product increment in a faster time

- Outline of the workshop

5 mins






Tech check

- if remote, check everyone has access to the miro board or can see the miro board

- run a quick 'how to use the miro board' exercise

10 mins










What's a Design Sprint?

- define Design Sprints, why, how and when to use them

What is pretotyping?

- define Pretotyping, why, how and when to use this technique

Why think about using these techniques together?

25 mins




Let's run a (remote) google design sprint

- Where do we start? Teams are under pressure to be innovative but often don't know how to start

- Design sprint principles

- Get aligned via focusing on a problem:

- Conducting expert interviews

- Participants reframe the problem in terms of 'How might we' questions, to optimistically think about a problem

- How to develop a long term goal 

- Designing Sprint questions to call out blockers or constraints, taking a more pessimistic view of the situation

- Creating a high level process Map

20 mins











Next, let's get tangible

- Lightning demos

- Start Sketching 

- Notes, Idea development, Crazy 4s

- Designing a Solution & deciding the concept elements to test

15 mins





Storyboarding and selecting Pretotyping techniques to test a solution concept

- How to design tests

- Selecting interview subjects

10 mins




What we learned

- Running a Design Sprint Retro 

- how to use Design Sprints and Pretotyping to validate ideas before doing any real work





Learning Outcome

Suggested ways to move from an idea to a concept, ready to test.

How to run an expedited google design sprint

If remote, how to run a remote google sprint

What is Pretotyping and an intro to some Pretotyping techniques 

How to combine a design sprint with some pretotyping techniques to support better idea selection and build evidence for products people want to buy


Target Audience

Product managers, Technology and Business leaders, change agents, Innovators, Intrapreneurs, Entrepreneurs

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should bring curiosity to think through how to resolve problems

If this is run as a remote session, participants will:

- ideally register beforehand to gain access to a shared miro board (registering beforehand will mitigate potential tech issues with accessing the miro board)

- need a few sheets of plain A4 paper and some thick, black markers ie sharpies or similar for note-taking and sketching




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