Red Team Thinking - Critical thinking practices to support more proactive agility

Agile isn't just about being great at reacting to change - it's also about trying to anticipate change before it is on top of us. Red Team Thinking uses practices tried and tested in the military to help people at all levels make better decisions, faster. These practices are now taught at Warwick Business School and the National University of Singapore.  In embracing all the wisdom in the room using a set of different techniques, we can overcome the biases we all have to better engage everyone, create the all important psychology safety and better anticipate what could happen next.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Approx timings

Intro and what is Red Team Thinking (6 mins)

Overview of the state of agile today with reference to state of agile reports and where things are going wrong (8 mins)

reference to the world economic forum data showing critical thinking to be a major sought after skill ( 5 mins)

reference to the agile manifesto and how people are often left out of agile and the importance of soft skills. Organisational dysfunctions (8 mins)

References Dr Daniel Kahneman and how a brain that jumps to conclusions can lead to irrational decisions (2 mins)

Into to history and origins of RTT and what it is and what tools are in the toolbox (8 mins)

Takeaways (5 mins)

Q&A (5 mins)

I have previously given this talk at both Edinburgh Napier University and at the University of Edinburgh.



Learning Outcome

To learn about critical thinking and constructive challenge to support better decision making. Also some key questions you can take away to validate in your own context - are we solving the right problem?

Target Audience

Everyone interested in making unbiased decisions and thinking ahead

Prerequisites for Attendees

Their own examples of where blinkered decision making has led to catastrophe are always great to discuss



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