A mind map alternative to help you present training material and conference talks

A talk on a mind map alternative, the knowledge canvas, to organise training and learning content to tell the story and help people learn and revise. A digital friendly format that also works with online videos. With particular emphasis to cater for those who have a neurodiversity and prefer a clear structure. This practice has received praise from people with Dyspraxia and has been used by a training company. Complements practices such as training from the back of the room as an additional way people can be trained, retain and remember knowledge especially in a digital context so you don't come away from conferences forgetting most of it! This talk references the format recommended by TED and applies it visually to aid structure and learning.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The talk uses the format described in the talk to deliver the talk.

This is a structured, visual format with summaries and a visual guide to show progress and stages. These are:

1. Introduction

2. Problem context

3. How to build a canvas and use it 

4. Real life examples and feedback

5. Wrap up, further reading, takeaways Q&A

Learning Outcome

Learn a visualisation format for organising and presenting knowledge with a particular emphasis on helping those in the neurodiverse community.

Target Audience

Trainers, Coaches, Learners, Neurodiverse community

Prerequisites for Attendees




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