To be successful it takes much more than Agile methods

Many organizations focus all the energy on mechanics of Agile and blindly implement some techniques and practices. Frequently this leads to Agile becoming one of the wastes from Lean thinking. 

Without a deeper understanding of the purpose behind those specific ways of working, the meaningful - behavioural change never happens. To avail of the true opportunities Agile offers, it’s essential that the organizations move beyond doing and implementing and understand the “WHY” behind we do something this way not the other, rather than just blindly following the process. 

Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Brief overview of Agile mindset and principles (3 mins)

2. Examples how Scrum can become an impediment if implemented incorrectly with focus mainly directed on mechanics of Scrum (3 mins) 

3. How to make Daily Scrum an value - add activity (3mins)

4. Scrum Master - Servant- Leader or impediment? (8th waste) (2mins) 

5. From continuous cycle of non-improvement to continuous learning and improvement (turning no-value add activities into hugely valuable activities in context of Kaizen). (4 mins) 

6. Examples of misalignment of goals - how wasteful is it? (2mins)

7. Q&As (3 mins)


Learning Outcome

-Understanding that Agile is more than tools, techniques and practices 

-Changed perspective on how Agile can become an organisational impediment and form of waste if implemented incorrectly (with focus on doing over being Agile)

-Sensitivity and awareness re. value add and no-value add activities in daily Scrum activities (understand why Scrum recommends those practices instead of blindly following the process, which often leads to creating waste)

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Managers, Technical Leads, Developers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge on Agile practices required. 

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