Wheel of Change - Transforming Agile Coaching using the Personal Coaching model

The Wheel of Change is a powerful tool created by award-winning coach Marshall Goldsmith, and is designed for individuals to assess their particular skills and behaviors, and therefore to plan their personal development.

In this proposed workshop , I am going to cover, how this tool can be used and leveraged by Agile Coaches / Change Agents in their Transformation journey.

The main benefit of this tool is

  1. Identifying the patterns & Anti patterns in an Agile coaching engagement
  2. Identifying the right items to be picked up for Coaching after prioritization
  3. Visualization of Coaching Strategy / Blueprint 
  4. Transparency in the overall Coaching process
  5. Formulating an Action Plan for Coaching

The proposed session would be a Hands on session with more focus on participants to identify and prioritize the right items and create a Coaching Backlog

The session can be conducted in the following 2 formats

Option 1 : 

In this option, we leverage the breakout room feature of meeting collaboration platform and slot the audience in groups of 5 to 6. In this format, the participants as a Group, brainstorm and identify the Coaching backlog and come back to the main room for a debrief.

Option 2 

Each person individually works on the scenario and builds a coaching backlog on the Wheel of Change template provided. Post completion of activity, we do a session debrief.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The following is the Proposed Schedule for the workshop session

  • Ice Breaker - 3 minutes
  • Introduction & Walkthrough of the Wheel of Change - 5 Minutes
  • Scenario Building - 10 minutes
  • Workshop Activity  with real time Coaching Scenarios - 20 to 22 minutes
  • Debrief & Closure - 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

Participants would be gaining the following Key Outcomes  

  • Learn the Gamification Way of Coaching
  • How to involve the Right Stakeholders in Coaching
  • Identify the High Touch | Medium Touch | Low Touch items for Coaching?
  • Help create a construct leveraging the tool (Wheel of Change)

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested to learn about Agile Coaching Tools

Prerequisites for Attendees

All the participants need to do is to come with an Open Mind to learn new techniques in Coaching




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