Technology Companies seeking Business Agility go through some steps of Transformation. But few see the expected change across the entire organization. Most often it would get limited to few engineering teams claiming to 'Go Agile' while rest of the organization is battling in their own world. Or, with a lot of fan-fare, due to Senior Executive push, initial change efforts yield some results, but tend to lose steam. In either cases, there is a high probability that Middle-Management is not on-boarded to believe in and drive the transformation at scale. Our hypothesis is that this layer of management is the most influential.

We propose a Growth Model for Middle-Management which not only addresses Personal Transformation but also will have the ability to drive change in the teams and across. One of the Model's core value is 'Managing Outside by Mastering Inside'. This is about Personal Development.

Another Core value of the Growth Model is Leading Others with Growth Mindset at the center as well as with a higher level of EQ. This leads to personal development of team members but also increases Manager Productivity.

Finally the Growth Model looks at Enhanced Customer Journey for Organizational Growth. 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Context Setting - today's VUCA world and need for better adaptation through Business Agility

Transformation towards Business Agility takes different flavors – Top Down, Bottom-up, somewhere in-between

In many Transformation cases, Middle-Management gets ignored or do not get on-boarded

Our Hypothesis: Middle Management is the Most important among the Change Agent community

Decoding the Problem – getting into the shoes of a Middle Managers – their Challenges

A Growth Model for the Middle Manager – Managing Outside by Mastering Inside - addressing Personal Transformation and Organizational Change

Elements of the Growth Model – Leading Self, Leading Others and Creating Impact on Business

Leading Self: Personal Growth – Mindful Leadership with Clarity of Purpose and Surfacing Limiting Beliefs

Leading Others: with EQ, Delegation & Empowerment to Enhance manager Productivity and Team members Growth

Leading Business: From Discovery to Delivery - Enhanced Customer Journey for Business Growth

Learning Outcome

Holistic approach to Manager Growth - What is Mindful Leadership, How to develop Self-Awareness to be a better Leader? Get an idea on concept Mindful Quotient, Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient and how all of this come together in effectively leading others.

How an Enhanced Customer Journey can help business growth

Target Audience

Middle Management, Senior Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees



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