MY Journey - Gaining client's trust with XP Values

We were part of an engagement with a client who wanted to transform themselves from legacy ways of working and tools to being Agile in terms of tech and business. We had a limited in resources, be it time, people and scope. It was a humongous task and we couldn't get overwhelmed with what we had in hand. 

We had to stick to the basics and focus on the principles of XP rather than bogged down by getting into the immense number of rituals and practices and see where it takes us. And apparently we gained the trust of the clients in 3 months and we where able to get subsequent work.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

I have taken this internally within Thoughtworks as a part of an India level event and it was received very well. I am planning to use a similar flow and to talk about it from my experience point of view. I am also planning to keep it casual and fun and at the same time bring out the essence well. 


A small brief about the client and the problem statement ( keeping the anonymity intact) - 5 mins

What we proposed, how we said a 'Thin Slice' could help - 2 mins

A brief about the 'Thin Slice' team - 2 mins

What where the challenges and strengths of the team - 10 mins

A brief on what approach we took for the thin slice team given the challenges - 5 mins

A deep dive into each values, what did it mean, how where the practices built around it - 10 min

How feedback is important, how it touches Teams, System and Customer - 5 mins

How did a primary showcase go on. What did the CEO think - 2 mins

How did the final meeting with the clients go on, how did they appreciate us and how we knew we gained their trust - 2 mins

Conclusion - 1 min

Learning Outcome

Why a 'Thin Slice' approach is needed when in transformation.

Why it is important to not be overwhelmed when in engagements like this.

What would be the right approach to deal with the Thin Slice team.

What are the different XP values and how can we design practices and Ways of Working around them.

Why it's important to stick to the values.

Target Audience

POs, BAs, Devs, QAs, Leaders, Agile Coaches - any engineering teams and related people.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic Agile and XP concepts would be a good nice to have.

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  • Poulomi Nath

    Poulomi Nath - Training and Coaching for Agile Mindset through Movies

    Poulomi Nath
    Poulomi Nath
    Agile Coach
    Tata Consultancy Services
    schedule 10 months ago
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    45 Mins

    The aim of this talk is to introduce a technique of imparting knowledge about Agile Tenets to the non-initiated and/or team members who need reinforcement in their understanding of tenets of agility in teams, collaboration, XP practices and dependency resolutions in an agile par lance. The modus of operandi is to take a popular movie, which in this case is Lord of the Rings, and derive analogies from the movie that defines some core concepts of an agile journey with team, dependency resolution and a couple of agile engineering techniques including XP practices that are result driven in this era of distributed agile teams. The intent is to make it a fun session with an audio-visual link for deeper entrenchment and retention of the understanding it intends to impart. This sort of immersive learning with audio visual aims at connecting the learnings to existing neural pathways to create an understanding of the tenets of Agility in a language that everybody understands - "Movies and Fun".

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    Digital disruption is all about how fast you can deliver customer and business value in a most efficiently to beat the competition. Most of the transformation efforts are spent on IT as a function and local optimizations but time to value goes far beyond only IT functions. Digital transformations need to focus on several aspects across business and IT. In this session, participants will learn holistic approach of transformation which enables the organizations to truly build products and services in a most disruptive, efficient and innovative ways.

  • Priya Malhotra

    Priya Malhotra / Usha Ramaswamy - Hello, I’m Culture…Did you forget me in your transformation journey???

    20 Mins

    Any transformation journey usually has a roadmap that focuses on process, tools, technology and people. Studies have shown that some key reasons why transformations fail are due to cultural aspects. However, culture is often ignored and we expect magic to happen quickly. Hence, a transformation needs to weave in culture shift as a critical part of the roadmap.

    We delve into…

    • What constitutes culture?
    • Why should a transformation look into culture shift?
    • A ‘culture gauge’ as a tool to calibrate the cultural aspects
    • The E3R model as a recipe to plan the culture shift journey
    • The elements of ‘thin slice’ and ‘1% improvement’ as key ingredients

    … we weave in our stories of failure, some good practices and envision how we would use the culture gauge and E3R model.