Organization Agility has always been a hot topic for the past couple of years. However, the recent pandemic has redefined the way of doing work and adopting to the new normal, while thriving business and not only sustaining it. The pandemic has stimulated a paradigm shift and has changed the way we interact with our surroundings and address customer needs. The focus is now into building a resilient agile organization and letting go of the traditional ways.

In my talk, ‘Agility in Times of Uncertainty’ I shall be addressing the common issues that organizations are facing post pandemic and the ways they have built their resilience to bounce back after an adverse series of events. The talk shall also discuss about the importance of team work and collaboration to continuously drive change and innovation, while seamlessly adapt to changing market needs in the face of uncertainty.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Challenges faced in VUCA World

How the world is responding to these challenges

Top challenges in returning to work after COVID

Decision making capabilities needed in times of uncertainties

Habits to improve decision making

How the world and consumer behavior is changing

Business Agility: How and Why

Strategic agility in action: how various corporates have incorporated changes

Where does your organization stand in embracing changes

Learning Outcome

Organizations in dire need to discover and leverage new ways to think about and implement speed and agility.

Sustained commitment to developing higher levels of organizational readiness, flexibility, and resilience supported by the people, processes, and principles that guide and support the organization.

To successfully adapt to and achieve strong performance in times of crisis, managers need to effectively integrate speed and agility in all their operations.

Target Audience

CXOs, Executives, PMs, Agile Coaches, Individuals, Entrepreneurs

Prerequisites for Attendees




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  • Shane Hastie
    By Shane Hastie  ~  1 week ago
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    Thanks Abhigya

    Please can you let us know how you will engage and involve the audience with this talk.  The topic is important, and I think that many in the audience will already realise the importance of business agility for organisational survival, especially through the pandemic.

    What will you teach them that they don't already know?  How will you inspire them to change behavours and attitudes in themselves and their organisations?