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Where will organisations be in 20 years from now? Actions we take today shape the future of organisations. What if, organisations become platforms for positive change, business and personal growth, and good in the world. 

I think organisations today are having to make a bold change. We have seen it in the past.

Throughout history, humanity has faced periods of chronic change. To meet these challenges, we worked together in an organised way. As a result, organisations have evolved into different shapes.

Today we are facing another period of great challenge, what shape will organisations take next? I want to propose a shift in the paradigm, a real pragmatic change to the way we see organisations.

Imagine an organisation shaped in a way where every person can truly be who they are and lead from a place of personal power and purpose. Imagine an organisation where employees and customers align around the needs of the world. 

Is this too much to ask? And if not, how can it be done? 

With people at the centre, the shape of organisations has the potential to evolve into platforms: platforms for positive change, for growth, for good in the world. And managers and leaders have a pivotal role to play in this new future. 

In this session, Anna will present a new way of looking at the evolving role organisations play in our world. She will share a vision of the future of organisations as platforms, evidence where this change is already happening, and present an actionable take away for leaders and managers to start shaping a better future of work. 

Let’s start a conversation on how we can move away from change as just a one-and-done tick-box exercise and instead focus on impact and implementing changes in a more meaningful way so that this next stage of evolution is a win-win-win for us all!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Talk starts with a visualisation exercise to help shift people's perspective on the role of the organisation today vs a possible future
  • The first part dives into a new way of looking at organisations and the role they have to play in the world. It focuses on putting people first, purpose and meaning behind their roles and work, including sharing data behind those concepts. Meaningful work means solving real problems or real people, this includes the data on this subject and a few case studies.
  • The second part introduces the concept of the platform revolution including case studies, data and lessons learnt from this new business model also called phenomenon due to its fast-changing nature and exponential growth. 
  • The third part focuses on the actions, how do we make these changes? This part includes two activities for the audience, one to show them how their role can shape the future of organisations, the second is focused on mentoring and coaching and how to deal with requests for personal growth support or how to offer such support. In addition, real-life case studies from other organisations are shared for further inspiration. 
  • Conclusion & questions

Learning Outcome

  1. Learning a new way of looking at organisations as platforms for positive change, positive outcomes and what we need to focus on to achieve this. Including showing the data and evidence behind this idea of putting people over profits including the productivity gains and losses (of putting people first or not)
  2. Understanding employees' roles beyond what they currently are and looking towards what they could be in order to shape the future of the organisation to serve generations to come.
  3. Showcasing the platform revolution and coming to understand the inner workings of the platform business model, and how it can be leveraged to create a better future for the organisations, humanity and the world. 
  4. Learning how we can implement those ideas and find meaning and purpose in solving real problems. Actionable steps to take away.

Target Audience

Leaders, CEO's and Managers of Organizations

Prerequisites for Attendees

Bring an open mind and willingness to take action. 


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