It can be difficult for data professionals to transition into an agile way of thinking and way of working.  A big part of the problem is that the Agile Manifesto doesn’t address the enterprise issues that data professionals deal with on a daily basis.

The Agile Data (AD) method extends the Agile Manifesto.  First, it puts the agile mindset into terms familiar to data professionals.  Second, it extends the manifesto with philosophies that address the key concerns surrounding enterprise data.  In this session Scott Ambler overviews how to bring agile ways of thinking to the data world.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


  1. Why are data professionals struggling with agile?
  2. Explaining the agile mindset to data professionals
  3. The agile data mindset: 6 philosophies
  4. Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • Understand how data is different than software
  • Discover how to communicate agile ways of thinking to data professionals
  • Learn how to extend the Agile Manifesto to address data concerns

Target Audience

Data professionals, People working with data

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowledge of the agile manifesto



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