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Are you using release toggles to:

  • decouple deployments from releases?
  • allow micro-services to be deployed independently as and when they are ready?
    • even if rest of the micro-services required for the feature are not ready
  • practice trunk-based development?

If yes, then how are you ensuring that when you need to turn on a release toggle in production, you are doing it in a safe manner? 

This session will explain how you can ensure that your CI/CD pipelines can validate, manage and promote the toggle state in a fully automated manner as part of the deployment process itself. If your teams are embracing zero-touch continuous deployment model, then this session is for you.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

  • Context: need for release toggles 
  • Demo: open source feature toggling platform
  • Problem: How to ensure release toggles are promoted in a safe manner?
  • Solution: Using CI/CD pipelines to promote code, config, db and feature toggle states atomically 
  • Challenges and Insights 

Learning Outcome

  • Decider components and their importance in release toggles 
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines to promote code, config, db and feature toggle states in an atomic fashion 
  • How to avoid manual (error-prone) steps and embrace automation

Target Audience

Architects, Leads, DevOps Engineers and SRE

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Knowledge of release toggles and CI/CD pipelines


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