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  • Jessica Cavallaro

    Jessica Cavallaro / Roslynn Jackson - How Can Agility Transform Education to Prepare Students for the Future?

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    In this presentation Jessica and Roslynn will present how agility can transform the modern education system to purposefully teach students the skills that they will need to find success in the ever changing economy. 

       Jessica and Roslynn have brought Agile into their middle school classrooms and found incredible results. Students were able to cultivate their own agile mindset, build their own kanban boards and employ project management skills to design and process their own projects. Along the way students also built time management, leadership, organizational and communication skills, which are all highly necessary to navigate an ever evolving economy. 

1. What got you started/interested in modern software development methods?

I was teaching in 2020 when the world shut down. During this time I became interested in how the other industries were adapting to the change since the education field was stuck in its old ways. When I began to read about Agile I knew immediately that this would change the world of education and update it for our students, teachers and parents. 

2. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by the software product engineering community today?

In education, the biggest challenge is creating software that can be individualized. Students do not need any more rote memorization or repeated tasks. They need chances to push their thinking and be creative and innovative. 

3. What do you think are the most exciting developments in software product engineering today?

The ability of AI to adapt and change is incredible. I am excited to see what will emerge in the area of edtech to improve learning in the coming years. 

4. Why did you choose the topic(s) you will be speaking about at the conference?

I am passionate about building better learning systems to provide opportunities to all children to learn the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-evolving world. The traditional approaches to education no longer prepare our students for their futures. By integrating Agile into the classroom students can learn in K-12 the skills that industries currently spend billions of dollar on for learning and development. 

5. What are some of the key takeaways from your session(s) at Agile India?

The key take away from our session is that educational systems CAN change, through small purposeful actions that can have HUGE results on the lives of our children and the future of our world. 

6. Which sessions are you particularly looking forward to attending at Agile India this year?

There are so many sessions with incredible range. I am excited to learn from professionals across the field to update and stretch my way of thinking. 

7. Any personal remarks/message you want to share with the software community?

Thank you for welcoming people from other industries. This has been a generous community that is working hard to improve the world for all of us!