Agile India 2023 Banner

We are super excited to announce the 19th annual edition (in-person) of Agile India, Asia's Largest and Premier International Conference on Leading Edge Product Engineering Methods. Agile India is organized by Agile Software Community of India, a non-profit registered society founded in 2004 with a vision to evangelize new, better ways of building products & services that delight the users.

Over the last 19 years, we've organized 61 conferences across 13 cities in India. We've hosted 1,300+ speakers from 38 countries, who have delivered 1,500+ sessions to 13,500+ attendees. We continue to be a non-profit, volunteer-run community conference.


  • Agile Mindset
    • Happy teams deliver products that delight customers. The agile mindset is a pathway to individual and team engagement that enables real high performance. The agile mindset instantiates the values from the agile manifesto and is about helping individuals, teams and organisations thrive through continuous learning, inspecting and adapting, collaboration, engagement and the pursuit of excellence.
    • Join us to hear real-world stories of how teams are driving:
      • Inclusiveness and diversity as a trigger for innovation
      • Growth mindset over entrenched beliefs
      • Team collaboration over hierarchy
      • Co-creation over design by decree
      • Craftsmanship in all aspects of work over standardization
  • Productivity and Personal Growth
    • Productivity and Personal Growth is about creating a work environment that is conducive to creativity, learning and leadership. These are important skills, tools and techniques for individuals to be efficient and effective.
    • Join us to hear how teams are:
      • Using automation to make day to day operations efficient
      • How do you care for yourself, for others and for the planet
      • Leveraging various tools, techniques and resources to learn new skills and grow
      • Learning soft skills, which help individuals to be more collaborative and productive
      • Implementing systems that encourage a culture of innovation
  • Business Agility 
    • Business Agility is the ability of an enterprise to respond to change faster than the rate of that change, resulting in high customer satisfaction and profitability in a turbulent business environment.
    • To achieve this, organisations need to re-think and change many aspects of how they are structured, how they work, how they relate to their customers, how they innovate, how they build business strategies, how they make use of their financial resources, where they fit in their communities and how they engage their people.
  • Design Innovation 
    • Design Innovation is about applying various human-centred design process and techniques to real-world challenges by exploring the world around you. It is not just about coming up with new ideas and products – it is about seeing the world as it could be.
    • Join us to learn how organisations are
      • Engaging with end-users
      • Effectively framing problems hypothesis
      • Identifying potential solutions
      • Testing their assumptions rapidly to learn what works (and doesn't)
      • Discovering new market opportunities
      • Experimenting to validate concepts and mitigate risk
      • Delivering value to all stakeholders to achieve growth and differentiation
  • DevEx and DevOps
    • Developer Experience (DevEx) and DevOps, both are focused on streamlining your engineering practices to remove friction and speed up your end-to-end delivery process (Concept to Cash.) This track will focus on emergent practices and tools inspired by eXtreme Programming that ensures high-quality features are consistently delivered at lightning speed.
    • Join us to hear real-world stories from the best teams on how they have combined innovations in technology, process, and culture to keep the entire engineering team happy while consistently shipping clean-code in a collaborative and disciplined manner to continuously deliver delightful products and services to the business.