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World entropy is continuously increasing – world is becoming more VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) – it can be a threat or an opportunity, one can surf the wave or drown in the water – depends on one’s Agility, be it an organization, team or individual professional.

Agility is essentially about sense and respond – how quickly one can sense the Customer/Market needs & respond to create value and continuously adapt to the changing contexts.

To be surviving and thriving in VUCA world one needs to constantly Innovate what they produce and how they produce & deliver/serve. Diversity is the source for Innovation and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the basis for diversity to co-exist and collaborate. And Mindfulness is the practical way to develop Emotional Intelligence, as demonstrated by Google-Stanford program ‘Search Inside Yourself’.  

Why is it difficult for organizations and teams to sense and adapt to the changes? Fundamentally it’s because of the inability of people to let go/unlearn the past legacy and rethink the future.

This workshop integrates all these aspects and creates an experiential journey for participants to change the mindset, learn & apply techniques to BE Agile.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This is an experiential workshop with games, activities, and practical techniques. Broad outline & flow is as below:

  • Rope-trick game: Eye-opener on ‘elephant in the camp’ syndrome, how we need to constantly de-condition and experiment to be innovative in VUCA world
  • Mind-switch game: Drives home the point that we need to know how to manage mind as software happens in people’s mind and we are dealing with knowledge workers.
  • Harnessing holistic intelligence to deal with VUCA situations – decision/choice making with head, heart & gut – intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence & intuitive intelligence
  • Practice session on a few Mindfulness techniques to discover and tap into our holistic intelligence
  • Highlights of Google’s Search Inside Yourself program and neuroscience research from Stanford University on the impact of mindfulness on brain, nervous system, endocrine system & hormones, which in turn impact our thinking, emotions, moods, and choices/decisions.
  • A few industry case studies of [email protected]
  • Agile Leadership Canvas and Leadership Stack – how all these pieces come together to create the Agility at individual, team and organizational level

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn:

  • Practical Mindfulness techniques and how to apply them at work and life at large
  • Learn key drivers for Agility and how to leverage them
  • Managing Self and others as knowledge professionals
  • How to take care of physical, mental, emotional well-being (as a by-product)

Target Audience

This workshop is relevant for every professional, but especially useful for Leaders, Managers, Coaches (including Scrum Masters).    

Prerequisites for Attendees

Open mind



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