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Agile Transformations are often treated as projects, with grand plans to implement new ways of working, with ambitious deadlines.

This approach assumes that the result of an Agile Transformation can be knowable in advance and that all the information and expertise is already in place.

However, an organisational transformation is a process of knowledge discovery and learning, where we need to make small changes, sense and respond.

Thus rather than looking into the future to make our plans, we should look to the present, understand the current situation and explore adjacent possibilities.

Concepts covered will include: 

  • Cynefin
  • Wardley Mapping
  • Directed Opportunism
  • Backbriefing
  • Catchball
  • Agendashift
  • Katas and OKRs

Outline/Structure of the Talk

Learning Outcome

  • Using situational awareness to understand the current state
  • Using Strategy Deployment to allow solutions to emerge from those closest to the problem
  • Using probes and experiments to navigate towards better outcomes

Target Audience

All conference attendees


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