Agendashift: Leading with Outcomes Foundation


Leading in a transforming organisation is hard enough

Even when vision, the aspiration, and the initiatives are all there, you’re up against three universal challenges:

  • People disengaged by the repeated failure of imposed solutions
  • Hidden systems reinforcing old behaviours, driving the same old results
  • The crucial innovations failing to materialise

The doubts have been there for decades, and now we're calling it: traditional solution-driven approaches to change are making things harder, not easier.

The alternative: leading with outcomes. Meaningful outcomes, authentic agreement – the right people in the room agreeing on outcomes meaningful to them, articulating them in their own words. Big outcomes, small outcomes, outcomes organised into strategy, outcomes people can organise around, outcomes that tell you when you winning. Outcomes the focus for innovation, solutions not the beginning or end of strategy but emerging at the right time from the people closest to the problem.

You'll be learning the language of outcomes, how to generate them, how to organise them, how to pursue them in the context of strategies you and your colleagues develop together. You'll be learning also the patterns that organise the tools, make them memorable, and help you integrate what works for you already. And motivating the patterns: leadership principles, each one a strategy for getting better at strategy.


Target Audience

Developed for leaders at all levels – senior sponsor, manager, team lead, consultant, or coach


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