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Innovation doesn’t happen magically.

Innovative products are created by first developing insights, conducting research, and performing experiments, then honing in on a solution that finally delivers the breakthrough. Curiosity, creative thinking and an exploratory mindset is needed to remain open to the new, the untried, the unconventional.

However, ingrained attitudes, bias and assumptions impede creativity and learning. We may think we know ‘something’ and so fail to explore ‘what else’.  It’s easy to be prejudiced by our entrenched beliefs.

So how do we stay curious and not remain stuck in our own ideas? One answer is mindfulness. Mindfulness enables us to remain open and objective. It allows us to investigate phenomena from a neutral, impartial, unbiased position. Mindfulness loosens our perceptions to see things with clarity and openness. In this session, you will learn how mindfulness helps you maintain a curious mindset that drives product innovation.


Learning Outcome

  • Understand the link between creativity and innovation.
  • Recognise cognitive bias and how it impedes learning.
  • Learn tools to remain open and objective.
  • Apply practical awareness techniques to enhance curiosity.

Target Audience

All conference attendees

Prerequisites for Attendees



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