Agility in Large Transformation Programs – An oxymoron?

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Large transformation programs are the need of the hour given the massive amount of digital transformations that are undertaken by organizations. Be it moving away from on-premises systems to cloud or building data lakes or analytics programs or transforming business processes through an industry standard SaaS solution, it often turns out to be a multi-year, multi-vendor program with enormous amounts of dependencies.

Agility is being able to respond to change quickly. As Andy Hunt says, one test that can tell whether one is agile or not is their ability to adapt quickly to a significant change in technology, business or market conditions. Small iterations, fast feedback, incremental development, faster time to market are typical hallmarks of any agile program.

Then is agility in large transformation programs an oxymoron if those two look poles apart? How can one bring agility in large programs where the value delivery is at the end of a long program timeline, or where the word ‘change’ is often frowned upon.

This talk brings to you challenges and lessons learnt from bringing in agility in transformation programs such as ERP implementation, cloud transformation, consolidation or migration efforts. The talk will discuss examples of where these efforts worked or failed, why those were used, how it was implemented and its benefits and influence on bringing agility in large programs.

Let us together discover what is the art of possible or whether it's really an oxymoron.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  •   5 mins – Setting context of nature of large transformation programs
  •   7-10 mins - Key Challenges in large transformation program implementation
  •   20-25 mins – Top 3-5 Lessons learnt in bringing in agility (Why, What, How, Examples, Influence on bringing in agility)
  •   5 mins - Conclusion

Learning Outcome

  •   Appreciate the complex nature and challenges of large transformation programs
  •   Appreciate how using traditional agile ways of working may not fit in as is in large transformation programs
  •   Learn from what worked and what did not while bringing in agility in such programs
  •   Takeaway ideas for implementation in large programs

Target Audience

Program Managers, Agile coaches, Leaders, Program Directors, Scrum masters

Prerequisites for Attendees




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