Sabotaging a Transformation: The Myriad of Ways an Organization Inhibits Transformation

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Transformations are difficult, and often simply fail. After all, change is usually disruptive. Even an organization that wants to embrace change can see mediocre results. The underlying causes vary from ignorance on how to transform, to full and hostile resistance. In this talk, we will discuss the various causes and the strategies we have used as outside consultants to overcome (or at least mitigate) this resistance to change, and create meaningful transformations with our clients.

Transformation efforts must overcome a myriad of challenges to achieve success. Some of the inhibitors we will discuss include:

  • Executives unaware of the transformation
  • Failure to engage all the necessary parties
  • Individuals losing power with the transformation
  • New roles and disappearing roles
  • Lack of an effective Change Agent
  • Success conservatism
  • Lazy buyers
  • Blame-oriented cultures

For each of these inhibitors, we will cite a) situations where this occurred, b) mitigation actions to overcome the inhibitor, and c) the effectiveness of these efforts. We will conclude by suggesting some best practices we are currently employing in anticipation of likely inhibitors, including our newest proposal process of only selling complete solutions to our clients (not just body-shopping people).


Target Audience

This is a review of various actual engagements and challenges, and is appropriate for IT executives, product managers, and technical leaders who will benefit most from the material. It should provide useful insights for developers and business analysts, particularly those not experiencing the expected results from a transformation effort.

Prerequisites for Attendees

This is a software process discussion, and applicable for all attendees.


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